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My Code-in experience with KDE

Past few weeks have been really great.

I have completed many tasks, which are from different projects. This has helped me to understand about various projects that KDE working on.

I just had a bit knowledge on how Free and Open source organizations works, but since past few weeks I have experienced it working with amazing people in the community.

While working on these tasks I have learned many things. I’m loving these program while contributing as well as learning many things in parallel. Great work can be done by loving what we do and that’s what I’m doing so far at KDE. 🙂

Things I learned so far :
1. About IRC. How to get connected to IRC and join various channels related to specific project.
2. How to talk with people to get our question clarified. How to search answers from mailing list. Observing how people communicate over mailing list.
3. I have my own blog now : where I write about all by contributions to KDE.
4. I have used several KDE applications like GCompris, KStars, Minuet, KDE Now, marble maps, Kolf, Konsole,  etc.
5. I have installed the KDE in my laptop and also tried out it’s various applications.
6. I loved the plasma. The designs and the color combinations are amazing.
7. While working I have also learned to use tools like GIMP, Inkscape, libre office and few others.

Before GCI, I didn’t had much idea about all these stuffs. But after once started I have been continuously working hard to gain the knowledge by working with great people. I also feel great I’m giving back to the community with whatever knowledge I have gained till now. One of the KDE’s project WikiToLearn  says “Knowledge only grows if shared“, this is so nice of it.

I would like to keep contributing to KDE even after GCI. Because I have liked the various projects in KDE and the way we work collaboratively to make the software world better means a lot to me. All the tasks I have worked on till now I have a proud feeling about it that even I have done a small contribution to make the world a better place. 🙂

Edit : 01:01:2017

Here, I would like to talk about my works related to each task :

  1. My first task was related to install the KStars application and explore it features. I liked working on this application since I was always curious to know how the planetary system works and this application helped to understand more about it.

  2. My second task was to explore the WikiToLearn theme and find bugs in them. I was able to find few bugs. I have listed the bugs in the documents : 1 and 2.

  3. My third task was to write a blog post on GCompris application. I was able to do this successfully. You can read my blog post here : 

  4. My fourth task was to create an artwork for LAKademy which will be held in 2017. You can see the source of my works here : also I have sent few more posters to the mentor.

  5. My fifth task was to write a blog post on comparing 3 Free Software fundraising campaigns. This task was very much interesting to me since I had talk with many of their community people to know more about how they  did their campaign. This is one of the task I enjoyed the most. This took some to get the accurate data and facts with respect to numericals (amount) and other information mentioned.You can read my blog post here :


  6. My sixth task was to come up with 15 social media posts for KDE organization. I did some research on this looking how other organization do and came up with 15 different varieties of posts. Those are here : 
  7. My seventh task was to  suggest improvements on Minuet’s User Interface. I was able to do this will becuase I previously had knowledge on UI/UX and using GIMP tool. I have suggest many improvements and my mentor liked it too. :)Even for this task I wrote a blog which can be read here :

  8. My eighth task was to write 15 social media post to promote our fund raising campaigns. This was bit hard. I had to more on it because I need to be very careful with what kind of posts I come with, since it will be read by millions of people once it is posted on KDE’s social media account. I took some time to come up with neat posts with accurate data. Posts are here :

    Happiness is, seeing your post submitted share on social platform. 🙂
    One of my post was shared on KDE’s twitter account : This got most number of re-tweets too. 😛

  9. My ninth task is to write a blog post about my experience in Google Code-in. Which is you are reading right now. 😛

    Looking forward to complete as many tasks in my limited time and keep contributing to KDE. 🙂

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