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3 Free Software fundraising campaigns


3 Free software organizations which do fundraising campaigns I selected are :

  • Mozilla
  • Wikimedia
  • KDE

For the year 2015 –

Mozilla Foundation :

As I know, Mozilla has one of the biggest community spread across the entire world. This is one of their strong point to do a successful fundraiser campaign.

How did they do their fundraiser campaign ?

1. Mozilla kicked off its annual fund-raising drive by placing the pitch on the home page of Mozilla Corp.’s Firefox browser. Implementing an easy way for people to donate just by clicking on button ($3, $10, $20).


2. They changed their home page of website, where the visitors can donate in a easy way.


3. They have a webpage : which shows the current amount of donations dynamically. The value changes once any donations are made. They have shown a pie chart which categories the donars by country. Usually United States will be of majority because their targeted audience are US based people for their fundraiser campaign.

4. Campaign on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. (They started on instagram for current year [2016])

5. Mozilla has large number of local communities. Here, in India, we have around 10 – 15 active regional community spread across the country who also do promotions to Mozilla’s global fundraiser campaign.

6. Since, Mozilla’s mission is spread across for developers, internet activists, academicians, students, teachers, designers, creators, innovators, makers, hackers, tech evangilist, they have more supporters compared to other free software organization. Hence they are more successful in their fundraiser campaign.

7. On this wiki page : They have explained more about their fundraiser campaign strategies.

Wikimedia Foundation :


1. The Wikimedia Foundation exists to support a global community of readers, contributors, and donors. Hundreds of millions of people are involved in maintaining and nurturing the open knowledge movement. The Wikimedia Foundation is proud to serve, and humbled by, the millions who keep Wikipedia thriving each year with small donations averaging about $15 USD.

2. More than 5 million readers around the world donated $77 million USD in the Wikimedia Foundation’s 2015–2016 fiscal year. We are grateful for all the readers, contributors, and donors who make Wikipedia and our other projects a global home for knowledge and discovery. To continue thriving we must constantly innovate, adapting to the changing needs of our readers and new advances in the technology that powers the Wikimedia universe.

3. Last year, Wikimedia foundation had their campaign on twitter with the hash tag #keepitfree. There were more than 50,000 tweets with this hashtag. This was on of their platform where their got huge support for their campaign.


4. Since wikimedia has huge base of readers, they had mentioned about their campaign on their every wikipage where a user can see it easily. (just like an ad).

5. Similar to mozilla, thier targeted audience were US people. They got around $43 million from their.


6. They also keep track of their readers are which device from ? Like mobile, desktop, laptop, and target these group in a it’s own way.

KDE : (From the year 2014)


1. In year 2014, KDE raised € 22 885.

Some of the unique features KDE did were :

2. Giving away postcards for those who donate.

postcard01_small    postcard02_small    postcard03_small

3. Listing the names with the amount of donations made by each and every person on the website.

4. Promoting about annual fundraisng campaigns on social media twitter, facebook.

5. Providing enough detais on the fundraising campagin page explaing the people how exactly these donations will be made utilized.

6. Highlight the importance that KDE is trying to Make the World a Better Place! with the donations.

Conclusion :

Common things done by all :

1. Promote on social media.
2. Mentioning on their website.
3. Designing info graphics, banners related to fundraise campaign.

Unique things KDE needs to do to improve :

1. Highlight about this campaign on website home page

2. Requesting the local/regional communities to help promote this campaign in their region.
3. Targeting our application users.
4. Targeting our previous donors, corporates who’s application are similar to us.




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