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About GCompris


In this blog post, I’ll be writing about GCompris.

GCompris is a high-quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10.
I have installed it’s free version of the application on my android phone. I have played many of it’s activities.


It has numerous activities like Tic Tac Toe where I can play with my friend or with the bot, Missing letter, Naming the images, Assembling the puzzles, Finding the differences between the two images. graph coloring, even and odd numbers, activities related to numeric, logic, country/continent/state names, geography and lot more.

You should definitely try this application for children aged between 2 to 10 because they have the lot to learn from this. The will think in a creative way to solve these activities.

Some of the activities which I liked are :

Finding the difference between 2 images :


This activity is very nice because this will definitely improves the observation skills. The child has to observe the 2 images very carefully to find the differences. Sometimes the difference will exist in the smallest component existing the top image which is missing in the bottom image. The child has to concentrate more and search the difference carefully to complete this activity.

Assembling the puzzles :


This is a drag and drop activity, where the child has to drag the parts of the puzzles and assemble them on the screen to get the right image.
Sometimes it is bit confusing but the activity is designed in such a way that, if we go wrong it shows which parts are assembled at wrong position so that we can replace them.

Missing Letter :

screenshot_20161211-145857     screenshot_20161211-145910

In this activity, the child has to fill the missing letter to complete the word shown in the image. This will help the child to discover new words, identify the objects and helps to learn the spelling of those objects. This has around 10 levels where we get different words in each level.

Naming the images :

screenshot_20161211-145820        screenshot_20161211-145843

In this activity, there will be a lot of names will be given, the child has to drag those objects from the top bar and place it above it’s name, This will again help the child to recognize, categorize the objects and names. Helps the child to make out things which we see/use in our day to day life.

Tic Tac Toe :


There are 2 versions of activities here, 1 to play with a friend, another one to play with the bot.
When playing with the friend or bot this will help the child to improve it’s thinking ability. This is more of mind game.
Sliding-block puzzle game :

screenshot_20161211-150411          screenshot_20161211-150424

In this activity, there will be a truck which will be blocking the way for the car to move through the gate. The child has to solve this puzzle carefully. The child has to move the truck away from the blocking gate and make a way for the car to move through the gate. Sometimes to make the level harder there will be 2 trucks blocking the gate to solve it hard. This activity helps the child in numerous ways to solve the task.

Falling words :


In this activity, there will a word is shown on top of the screen and the child has to type those letter and complete the word. This will help the child to improve it’s vocabulary and also to discover new words which playing the activity.

Align four :


In this activity you should align the four token in a row and you win. When playing with friends you should be also smart enough to block your friend not to align his four token in a raw. However, it’s pretty much simpler to play with the bot.

Some of the things I loved in this application :

  1. It has numerous activities which are specially designed for children.
  2. Not much bugs in the application.
  3. Application works smooth.
  4. Activities are well described and designed.
  5. There are many authors who have designed these activities.
  6. Good music feature.
  7. Ability to customize the font style, font size in configuration.


Some suggestion to improve : 

  1. Improving the UI to give the feel and look of material design on Android app.
  2. Scoring system, where the total points/activities completed by the child can be shown in home/dashboard screen.
  3. Keep updating with more activities. 🙂

Thank you for such an amazing informative application.


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