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Suggestions to improve Minuet’s User Interface


About Minuet :

Minute is an application developed by KDE community. Minuet aims at supporting students and teachers in many aspects of music education, such as ear training, first-sight reading, solfa, scales, rhythm, harmony, and improvisation.

Below are some of the things I liked and suggestions to improve it’s UI on Android application :

1. Colorful icon but not the application


Splash Screen


I loved the icon of Minuet application on Android. It’s colorful with some shadows giving the material design feel.

By seeing the splash screen, one would definitely expect the application also to be colorful. But it’s not much.
It’s more of black/gray and white application, a bit of colors to buttons.

I would like to see the application like this :

2 instead of screenshot_20161204-095951

Giving some colors to icons/texts and changing the nav bar icon randomly for each screen we see in the application.

2. About us icon


screenshot_20161204-095951                        screenshot_20161204-100010

First, we need to tap on those 3 dots and tap on About option, which I feel is a not a god UX.
Instead, we can replace by 1 single icon which gives some meaning. Like this :
It is expected by the user that tapping on “i” will give some information regarding the application. So tapping on “i” icon should directly give about us modal instead of another option to tap on.

3. About us modal 
screenshot_20161204-105256                                 8
I would like to suggest as another UI improvement. To keep our application more colorful as the icon. Let’s change the hyperlink colors from default blue to other colors as shown in above screenshots. User would definitely click on those to colored words to know more

4. Making the navigation tabs collapsible within the same screen

                4                                 5

We can have sub-tabs to be collapsible within the same screen as show in above screenshots instead of moving to another tab just to show sub-tabs.

5. Constant navigation bar size
It would be good if we keep the navigation bar size constant. It becomes bigger if the title is long and comes to normal size when the title is short.

6. Delete

A backspace is a good option. But what if the user wants to delete the first selected option. He has to backspace all other things. Instead, we can let the user delete which ever he wants by giving a delete icon on top of it.

Also, to give background color to selected option so that it’s highlighted to the user that he has selected the option which he wanted to.

We need to change the colors for “PLAY AGAIN“, “GIVE UP“, BACKSPACE” colors.
All these 3 buttons should not have the same color. Let’s pick any 3 different colors and keep constant for these 3 buttons.

General suggestions : 

1. The app works really smooth and cool. I feel it would look really good if we implement above mentioned suggestions.

2. We can also have wave effect on selecting any tab/button.

3. Change the navigation bar background randomly for different screens.

4. The text “by” is bit bigger compared to KDE community logo.

5. Overall the app is really cool. 🙂


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